Why attend the 2017 Iowa Healthcare Symposium? 5 Reasons You Can't Miss This Event!

Learn new skills to equip you for upcoming legislation

At IAHU, we don’t have to explain to members how important our industry is for the every-day Iowan. Regulation and changing laws have created perhaps the most challenging landscape our members and clients have ever faced.  IAHU feels responsible to provide education, information and guidance to members that will not only help them navigate and SURVIVE these challenging times, but to THRIVE – and HELP IOWANS THRIVE – as never before.

As an IAHU member, you help countless consumers by guiding them through the complexities of health insurance purchasing and enrollment, while ensuring they get the best policy at the most affordable price. We know you seek to understand each personal situation and create recommendations that complement a client’s personal, financial and medical security needs. And your job does not end with the sale. We know you relentlessly pursue answers to client claims issues, service questions and compliance matters throughout the life of each policy you sell. That’s what it takes to HELP IOWANS THRIVE – and we know how committed you are! Our general session, continuing education, and breakout session presentations will give you the tools you need to honor your commitments to your clients.

Hear from industry experts

 Our speakers are proven leaders, strategists, and practitioners committed to excellence and service in our industry. They have a unique understanding of the industry landscape, consumer health care needs, the perspective of business owners, and the economic and legislative realities of health insurance markets. They are like-minded in their commitment to customer-driven service and health care coverage with the customer’s best interests in mind.

Our selection process for speakers is based on the timely, pressing needs of our members and their clients; and we make sure that you’re hearing from the best. You’ll get a solid grounding and unique, valuable insight into the innovative new ideas and practices that will help move our industry from surviving these challenging times to THRIVING, despite these challenges. 

Earn Continuing Education Credits

Let’s face it. In this industry, engaging in professional development and education is paramount to just surviving – let alone THRIVING!

We are offering up to 10 Continuing Education Credits throughout both days of the Symposium, pending approval. Instead of signing up for a boring, impersonal web-based course, take advantage of our live speakers, peer and sponsor networking opportunities, and the fact that these valuable credit hours are included in the cost of the event.

Meet with our sponsors

Our elite group of expert partners are dedicated to helping the IAHU members and their clients THRIVE! IAHU has forged valuable relationships with partner companies who have the highest level of mind share, talent and resources available in the industry. We’ve worked really hard this year to ensure attendees every opportunity to maximum the value of our relationships with these key partners.

Representatives from these partnership companies will be on hand throughout the symposium and will be staffing booths during the Welcome Reception/Exhibitor Fair on Wednesday from 4-7 pm. The evening will feature our great partners, great networking opportunity, great food, cocktails and a few really amazing surprises, PRIZES and FUN!

Have fun and network with your peers from across Iowa

This year, more than ever, we know the importance of uniting with those involved in the same day-to-day battle you’re in to help Iowans thrive! You guys are all super human – great agents, committed family and community members, and great people. You’re relentless in your pursuit of excellence and most of you are overworked and overbooked. Our goal is to help you move from surviving the battle to THRIVING despite the challenge. We know the importance of sharing stories, asking advice, getting a new perspective, and reinforcing your commitment to do what you do every day!  And we also know the importance of taking some time to just have a little fun! You can’t do everything for everyone else if you don’t take care of YOU!

You work hard for yourselves, your families, your communities and your clients.  And this year, we have packed the symposium with activities and opportunities to decompress, relax, and enjoy yourselves a little.

We’ve added the GOLF outing on Wednesday and a FITNESS WALK on Thursday for a few fun, healthy, physical challenges where you can work out some of that stress and rejuvenate yourselves!  We’ve also added a little friendly competition throughout the entire symposium and some prizes that will have you engaged and having a good time. We have our own take on a photo and video booth, after hours, a welcome reception and cocktail party, a few agent and client stories that will pull at the heart strings, and much more to make this symposium not only the most educational, but also the MOST ENJOYABLE and memorable to date.

So, come on! Join us! Fully engage! Who knows…you may just have some FUN!

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